Beyond Wonderland, Bräuhausgasse 31, Vienna

ODDS & ENDS, Spektakel, Vienna


The Other Island 2, Bräuhausgasse 31, Vienna
What if?… A never ending story, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna
Where you go, I want to go, Bräuhausgasse 31, Vienna Horror Vacui, Praterwirt, Vienna
Becoming an Artist, Parallel Art Fair, Vienna
NOTE 15, Meiselmarkt / Reithofferpark / Burjanplatz, Vienna
Paper, Scissors, Stone, Aa Collections, Vienna
Contact Zones in Contemporary Art. Practices, Connec-tivity, Agencies, publication, Barcelona
For… Dancing on the Street, ROTOR Graz
To Mirjana, with Love, Aa Collections, Vienna

HAND JOB, Stolp Škrlovec, Kranj


Raw Matters, Brunnenpassage, Vienna

HAND JOB, Remont, Belgrade

Doing the Dirty Work, Semelweisklinik, Vienna

NOTE 15, concerts in public spaces in Vienna
– Meiselmarkt
– Reithofferpark
– Burjanplatz


Smashing Wor(l)ds, Belvedere 21, Vienna

ONE DAY EXHIBITION, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna

KONFERENCIJA, Konferenz über die Kunst und Kultur von den ex-Yu Künstler*innen, Kurator*innen und Kultur Arbeiter*innen in Österreich, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna

Red Vienna, KdM, Vienna 

Skin Performance Festival, Dschungel, Vienna


The F* Word, Aa Collections, Vienna
NOTE 15, Concerts in Public Spaces,
– Meiselmarkt, Vienna
– Reithofferpark, Vienna
– Burjanplatz, Vienna
Rubin-Kazan, Werk Kazan, Moscow
XX Art Flanerie, Burjanplatz, Vienna
Come Back to the Future, Dessous, Vienna
Smashing Wor(l)ds Summer Camp, Kleine Stadtfarm, Vienna
I KNOW I CARE: On Self-Care and Resistance, VBKÖ, Vienna
NOTE 15, Musik am Burjanplatz, Burjanplatz, Vienna
Uterus Effects, Bezirksmuseum Ottakring, Vienna
Revolution can seriously damage your …,
– Notgalerie, Vienna
– RRR, Vienna
– Kaffe Adele,
Art Walk 18, Atelier Blumentopf, Vienna
BITCHES & WITCHES, Wienwoche – Festival For Art And Activism, Vienna

Reunion on the Grass – Sharing can‘t be solved!, Das Weisse Haus, Vienna
Raw Matters, Schikaneder, Vienna
Wienwoche – K in Summercamp, Werk X, Vienna

Wienwoche – Manifesto of Ideal Work, Markhof, Vienna

Wienwoche – Love Hacking, Gschwandnter, Vienna
Collective Insejn, AU, Vienna
The Charity Show Gala, Lugner City, Vienna

GIRLS, Dessous, Vienna
Raw Matters Special, Arbeitsplatz, Vienna
Svadba, Semperdepot, Vienna 
The Appendix Show, Donaufestival, Krems 


WU Dance, AU, Vienna

Workshop Art Vibrator, RRR, Vienna

Disco Thriller, AU, Vienna

The Zoki Horror Picture Show, Verein Boem, Vienna 

Art Stream Shop, Ubik, Vienna


Iconoclasm 13, Bushwick Art and Shipping, New York 


Dream Boat, AU, Vienna


Da Zwischen. Junge Bilder, MOE, Vienna


Mhmmm, Tanzquartier, Vienna




I locate my praxis at the intersection of art and activism, with the goals of enhancing the visibility of migrant and marginalized artists and engaging the audience outside of art circles. My approach to art and curating is the feminist-activist practice that implements equality, ecology, and anti-war mobilization. The feminist practice shakes and redefines art because it questions the thinking and artistic activity that the current power structures prescribe and support. For women* and other marginalized people, art production is intrinsically connected with (unpaid, invisible) reproductive labor. Therefore, art practice should be thought of through the prism of feminist social practice. This approach makes it possible to identify strategies such as collaboration, pedagogical interventions, co-authorship, performance, and personal narrative as testimony, among others. I enjoy working collectively and position the collaborative process as a vital part of my practice. For me, artistic collaboration as a process is interesting from the perspective of emancipatory and communal action and networking that creates sustainable structures and real opportunities for the disadvantaged. I experiment with collective action such as knitting, cooking, singing, and ritual as an activist practice and explore their potential for empowerment and political activation in everyday life. I propose art not as an exclusive and elite practice but as part of society and its‘ lively processes and as an activity that affects these processes. My experiences as a migrant working-class woman and a single mom shape my artistic practice, rooting my work in feminism and anti-discriminatory praxis, with the topics of women*s rights, trauma, healing, migration, and anti-capitalism. Throughout my oeuvre, I tell the stories of women*s realities.

(Belgrade, 1978) is a multi-media, post-conceptual artist, curator, and cultural worker living and working in Vienna, Austria. With an education in Children‘s Pedagogy and Fashion Design, Mirjana is currently studying Art Education and Post-Conceptual Art Practices at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. Mirjana has extensive experience working in art and culture, from performing and exhibiting to curating, fundraising, and organizing exhibitions, festivals, and other events. To name a few: Iconoclasm 13 (New York, 2013), Donaufestival (Krems, 2015), Wienwoche edition Bitches and Witches (Vienna, 2019), which she co-curated, Kofferausstellung Rubin-Kazan (Werk Kazan, Moscow, 2021), Festival of Life Vocabularies (Belvedere 21, Vienna, 2022), and Hand Job (Remont, Belgrade, 2022). Since 2020, Mirjana has been organizing the music festival NOTE 15, concerts in public spaces in Vienna located in the 15th district and which connects local history and contemporary music by migrant and marginalized artists.

Mirjana is a part of the Student Union of the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, and a member of the activist group NI UNA MENOS Austria.

Mirjana has been an Austrian citizen since 2017. Mirjana is the mother of a son (born 2018), whom she raises alone.

@kristina cyan, 2021