Markhof, Vienna

In the constant struggle to find and/or avoid work, we often forget to ask the fundamental questions: What is work? Why do we work? How and for whom do we work? And what would our ideal work look like? This year’s WIENWOCHE open working group, consisting of about 30 participants of different professional and any other background, of different privileges and disadvantages, has set out on a quest to find possible answers. Its research process has led to a kaleidoscopic MANIFESTO OF IDEAL WORK, now presented through performances, workshops, installations, videos, and chance encounters. A documentation of a social experiment.

What are the possibilities of contemplating our daily work? Try it at the calligraphy workshop with Ali Kianmehr! Is it possible to versify the working world for the better? Experiment at the haiku workshop with Sarah Bildstein! How do those who have not yet been contaminated with work experience reflect on the search for ideal work? We’ll find out together with children between five to eleven years old.

In addition, we’ll discuss this topic with Daniel Kennedy from a futuristic perspective; we’ll refuse conventional functionality with a performance by Florian Jung; and we’ll talk about the labour of love and the actual potentials of its Yugoslav historical context with Adela Jušić.

The MANIFESTO OF IDEAL WORK is not codified. It moves, along with our working heads, our hands, feet, and hearts. Move along, too!

Concept and realization: Aleksandra AleksićMirjana Djotunović Mustra and Jana Dolečki.

Participants: Marlene Wagner, Michaela Kirchknopf, Eszter Korodi, Marijeta Karlović Graf, Natascha Peinsipp, Ali Kianmehr, Žarko Aleksić, Jelena Spasic, Mariana Agria, Sabine Wutschek, Javier Ezequiel Cassani, Urlich Fladl, Kristina Malbašić, Uroš Miloradović, Johannes Frauenschuh, Yasser Alnazar, Srdjan Knezevic, Srđan Trailović, Daniel Kennedy, Andre de Vasconcelos, Yasmin Zachrau, Sarah Bildstein, Yousif Yaseen, Sama Yaseen, Kike Kovacic, Mislav Marjanović, Ninoslav Milosević, Yarden Daher, Bernd Prudovic, Nanina Kotlowski, Mimie Maggale, Sabine Wutschek

Language: English, German, Bosansko/Hrvatsko/Srpski

Production: WIENWOCHE

Cover Photo @Ana Paula Franco
Graphic Design @MUSTRA