NOTE 15, Musik am Burjanplatz


Burjanplatz, Vienna

Surrounded by municipal buildings and condominiums, Burjanplatz is a place where Austrians with and without a migration background can see and meet each other. The pandemic has shown the need for solidarity and cohesion. However, this necessity can also result in a new neighborhood life. Project NOTE 15, Music at Burjanplatz, features the meeting point Burjanplatz with an evening program and invites people to come together and connect in a relaxed atmosphere and safety.

NOTE 15, Music on Burjanplatz is a project by Mirjana Djotunovic Mustra. The project is realized through Cultural Fond of the 15th District and in cooperation with the District Museum Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus, Co-working Music School Music Raum, and Zamani Orientalteppiche.

Program 27.09.2020
Opening by Alfred Mansfeld, chairman of the Rudoflsheim-Fünfhaus cultural commission
Musical tour through the history of the Nibelungen Quarter: Thomas Reithmayer und Trio Orlando (Katrin Fesel, Muamer Buljimovic, Emir Handzo)
Jazz Trio Sweet & Lovely (Werner Zangerle, Walter Singer, Christian Grobauer)
Duo Sevdah of Lost Identity (Sanja Lasic, Eric Arn)

Translation: Biljana Djotunovic, Iklim Dogan, Mirjana Djotunovic
Sound technician: Emir Handzo
Produktion: Aleksandra Sanja Aleksic
Graphic design: Mirjana Djotunovic Mustra