2007 – 2014

My work expresses the moods that I experience in the city. These moods were caused, inspired and precipitated by things that transpired as I live my life among the people, within the urban spaces and landscapes of my city:  love, loss, success, artistic creation, exchange of ideas with fellow artists, new impressions through travel, etc. Such moods are constantly shaped by the city that I live in, its’ atmosphere, weather and flair.

I collect these emotions as I feel them and intensify them through music, poetry and reflection.

I express my raw emotions and work in the state of trans. I sing and dance naked while painting using hands and feet as tools. I am very spontaneous in choosing the materials I wound up using. I stay away from the painter’s usual tools, but instead use cleaning brushes, long wood pieces and wall paint mixed with textile colour pigments and water as well as acryl paint. As for collages, I use mostly photographs from different fashion and art magazines, my own drawings, short texts that I wrote or poems that I read at that time or even my own photos representing my memories.

I want the observer to feel my emotions and be able to imagine the moods. I want them to be able to associate on a personal, subconscious level so that, as they look at the paintings, they can be immersed in these moods. In that way, I establish a connection between me as a person and an artist and the people as a social environment.