2013 – 2015

Mental Disorders (2013-2015) are serial of multi-media artworks that include a hand-painted t-shirt collection, photographs, textile paintings, and installation. 

2013 after suffering from severe burnout, Mirjana detected she had several mental disorders. Insomnia, paranoia, and substance use disorder were a consequence of the long-lasting stress that she endured in the years before. Researching her symptoms, she realized that the majority of people she knew are showing symptoms of one or more mental disorders. Her goals were to raise awareness and empower herself and others. In her artistic approach to the subject, she put a spin on the idea of one’s mental health. 

In the photographs, the depicted figure wears a black mask as a symbol of the invisibility of mental patients in society. At the same time, the mask serves as a cut-out face template inviting the observer to reflect and interact. 

It is healthy to have mental disorders. It means you are alive. Mental disorders are the brain’s reactions to the terrible and inhuman conditions of living in neoliberal capitalism. Disordered minds live in subversive bodies. The anarchy of the collective mind is the revolution of the future. 

People without mental disorders are in fact, robots. 

ICONOCLASM 13, Bushwick Art and Shipping, NYC, 2013
Bezirksfest Ottakring, 2013
GIRLS, Dessous, Vienna, 2015

Photos @l’O
Model @Artist Herself

Photo @ Marcos Nagele